I have SM deep treatment masque at home and have used it a few times, but i think there's something in it that my hair doesn't like because it feels very dry after I use it (even as I'm rinsing it out). That's my only experience with something that is marketed as a DT. I have the entire SM coconut and hibiscus line, as well as a lot of Marie Dean products. I also have some V05 and Suave Naturals. I play around a lot at home but have yet to find a routine or combination of products that I adore (whereas here in Texas, I'm consistently getting awesome results with the products in my signature).

Ill give the Yes to products a try. I'm not opposed to buying online, but in person it will have to be something available at Walmart (very small town). I'm really curious about Kinky Curly products, but I already have a mountain of stuff that I'm afraid ill never fully use lol, so it's hard for me to take the plunge.
Fine - dense - normal porosity - normal elasticity - BSL - dye free - 2cish

Loving AIA coconut cowash, goats milk soap bars, GVP conditioning balm, KCKT, Marie Dean styling creams, LALSG, coconut oil, SM milk