With hair which is neither fine nor coarse, you should be able to use some protein, and some oil. Since you've been avoiding protein, I'd suggest trying it in moderation.

The curl activator has dimethicone, which is an unmodified silicone, in addition to PEG-12 dimethicone, which is water soluble. If you're not shampooing, you're not removing it, and that would flatten your curl. Since you want to try CGing, I would suggest avoiding it.

I don't know if you get to the UK at all, or know anyone who does, but if you could get your hands on Boots Curl Creme (pink), it would be a much better choice.

Another option is to make your own linseed gel (here we call it flaxseed gel, and you'll see it abbreviated as FSG). I use about 30 ml of linseeds to about 500 ml of water. It helps to let the linseeds soak overnight, then cook the linseeds in the water they were soaking in. Cook the linseeds at a simmer over medium until the liquid drops off a spoon like nectar or honey. (It will thicken to the consistency of thick nasal mucus.) Add a pinch of table salt, sea salt, or epsom salts to the water (after soaking) as a curl activator. Strain the seeds out with a fine mesh strainer. You can add a bit of aloe vera gel (I just put one glug or plop in), a few drops of essential oil(s) you like for fragrance, and/or several drops of grapefruit seed extract as a natural , albeit weak, preservative. Wisk everything together, and pour into a clean, empty, hair product container or containers. Store in the fridge between uses, unless it's just a matter of days.

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