I've found that I have issues in extreme dews. When the dews are very low, my waves tend to "wilt" and sag. When it's humid, my hair expands and frizzes.

Is there a product I could mist on after I SOTC? Basically, I'm looking for a finisher for extra hold.

I'd like something that is a fine spray/mist because touching my hair after SOTC gives me major frizz (I know pomades are an option but this is why I'm not interested in them).

Originally, I was thinking hairspray but I know many of them contain drying alcohols and I try to avoid that on a regular basis.

So either a fine mist spray gel (I know many of them kind of squirt out in a stream) or an alcohol free spray.

Any recommendations? I tried AG Curl Trigger and I think the magnesium sulfate is too drying for me. The only other spray gel I've tried is one by Garnier and a) the waxes in it caused build up and b) it squirted in a stream. Oh! And I tried the Suave Captivating Curls one.. It was just okay.
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