Did you have any side effects from the MN, like headaches or ringing ears? I thought that's why a lot of people dilute it rather than use it straight. I've been considering trying it straight, since squeezing water on my scalp is so messy, but I'm not up for MN migraines.
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I only recall one day of bad migraines since I've ever used it. I added so much mn that of course I would but the reason I never diluted it was because it was messy & I feel like I'd have to wash my hair more often. I apply it straight but it's baby pea sized amounts in sections of my hair. I make four imaginary sections & rub a small amount around my scalp in that section. I get no ringing ears. But you just have to experiment since what may work for me may not work for you. I wish you luck if you do try this.