You have said you want to kill yourself. That's very extreme. Do you really mean that, or you are saying it for effect?

If you really mean it, there is something going on not just with your hair, but with your mind and you should seek professional help.

On the other hand, if you are just saying you want to kill yourself for effect - as an exaggeration of how you really feel, and/or to simply draw people to this thread, that's not cool at all.
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Thank you for saying this.
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No, I truly DO want to kill myself. I really have never cared about my appearance, but all of a sudden BAM I find everything about myself terrible.
Also, being with a popular friend that has hair that everyone loves brings me down so much. I sit there with a high ponytail that is dead and gross. I literally sit there ignored while she gets compliments on her straight and shiny hair.
Our school counselor does NOT help, and it's summer right now... My parents? I don't have a dad (well I did, but you know) and my mom chooses favorites with her kids.. I'm not one of them. I really have asked this question a million times and now this is where I finally snapped. I have tried to kill myself already. I keep failing. It's not an effect, it's how I truly feel.
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Please get off this website right now and call up the crisis hotline number in your area. They have resources, so just ask the person you speak to for info about free and low-cost mental health clinics in your area.

Feeling suicidal - regardless of what's causing it - is not normal and you are a danger to yourself. You know this because you already made one suicide attempt. Also, the world would be at a great loss without you in it.

I know you're overwhelmed right now and feeling really bad about yourself, but the fact that you're being honest w/us about how you feel shows you are searching for the help you need, and that is great.

You just need a little help right now and there's nothing wrong with that. So please, contact the hotline and come back here (when/if you feel like it) to let us know how it all went.

Even if your brain is telling you right now that there isn't much to be hopeful about, there's plenty of hope for you.

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