I've been natural for years and haven't found products that work in my hair. My hair is averted to aloe, coconut oil, plant extracts especially nettle, avocado, honey etc..

Because I'm lo porosity, things like Shea butter just sit on my hair - eww.

Things That Have Failed

Shampoo - Too many to list(over 25) but I've come to the conclusion that my hair is no poo. Poo gives me dry brittle hair.

Conditioner - Vo5 moisture milks, hello hydration, Aussie moist 3 minute miracle, queen Helene, suave naturals, organix

Leave ins/Moisturizers - qhemet biologics brbc, kckt, curls curl creme brűlé, olive oil hair lotion

Currently I use no poo but i want that clean feeling it gives your scalp. My conditioner is GVP conditioning balm(matrix biolage conditioning balm) it does nothing for me but it doesn't leave my hair feeling like horse feed. Water as a moisturizer and grapeseed oil as a sealant, these two are probably why my hair hasn't just fallen off my head yet lol.


4A/B - EXTREMELY Protein Sensitive - Lo Porosity - 4 Years Natural - Still Haven't Found HGs