Here is a basic how to Follow the Curly Girl Method for Curly Hair - wikiHow

And a good video of how to cowash

Demonstrating a Cowash - YouTube

I bet you can find something!
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Thanx a lot. Will check them out. Now all I need is to find sulfate free shampoo n silicone free conditioner.
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Wari, I don't know where in India you are, but when I was in Bangalore, I went to the Body Shop there. I bought some of their banana conditioner. It is silicone free. I'm not sure about the shampoos. It smells really nice too. So, if you are near a body shop, they should have some conditioners that are silicone free. I also bought their hair oil, but plain coconut oil is great too.
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Oh! I have that conditioner!!! Didnt kno it was silicone free. Can I cowash with that?