Can CJ Daily Fix technically remove cones since it has c. betaine?
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If coco b removes cones in other formulations, why wouldn't it remove them in the DF?

In order to make the DF easier to use, I keep another bottle with some of it diluted. I've never had an issue with it going bad, even though I add the water. I only use it every 3-6 weeks for it's chelating properties.
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I hear you. Well, in all of the low-poos that I've had c. betaine wasn't the only cleansing ingredient, and I imagine that the cleansing ingredients work together and boost each other so to speak. Hence the c. betaine would be aided in low poos with plenty other surfactants in a way that it might not be aided in a product (whether creamy base or non-creamy) where it exists by its lonesome.

Concentration of surfactants, not just type probably has a lot to do with how gentle or strong a cleanser is. Sometimes it's hard to tell exactly the concentration of cleansing ingredients.... 2 low-poos with identical ingredients but differing formulations can differ in strength. Generally I avoid low-poos with c. betaine as the second ingredient. Technically though, a low-poo with a gentle surfactant in high concentration can cease to be gentle, while a low-poo with a stronger surfactant in much lower concentration can be gentler. I've been thinking a lot about this lately... sometimes it's just hard to tell ahead of time how gentle a low-poo will be. The order of ingredients may not be enough to really tell the whole picture, though it is helpful obviously.

Geekchic, thanks for your input.

I'll add this cleansing condish to my to-try list.
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