This started as a simple thread asking about a leave in conditioner but as I began to look into that particular question I began learning about ingredients and how they impact my hair and my own hairs properties.
So, I've decided to continue this thread to keep a log of my quest for products and update it as I try new things (as opposed to starting a new thread for every little question) I'm learning what my hair likes and doesn't like, I will post updates here and welcome any comments, questions, and most of all suggestions!

*here was my original post*
I need some suggestions for a good leave in conditioner that is really moisturizing and does not contain protein. I am still trying to figure all this stuff out. My hair is very coarse, dry, brittle, as well as thick and dense. My curls have a mixture ranging from 3B at the nape to 3A and 2C on the top.

I would appreciate suggestions for a cheaper drug store leave in as well as more expensive.


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