Thanks Firefox, I've been reading all about the different hair typed and honestly my hair doesn't really fit into any of the categories. Its all pretty confusing becuase some of the descriptions of the curl types don't match the description of the texture of my hair. Like overall my hair looks 3A but the 2C and 3B textures more accurately describe my hair texture.

My mom was a curly redhead, I have dark brown almost black hair like one of her sisters but the texture is just like my mom's. It is very thick and dense, very coarse and dry I think. My skin is oily and acne prone which I think needs to have some bearing on hair type? But my scalp is usually pretty healthy with the occasional menstrual related pimple.

Curls range from 3B at the nape to 3A and2C towards the top. I wish the top would curl half as good as the under layers. Makes it really weird when I wear my hair down.

I do get it trimmed regularly to remove split ends and my last appointment the girl said she thought my hair was healthy and that she could tell I take good care of it. But it still gets dry and frizzy and developes split ends easily.

Oh yeah and I live in Florida so pretty humid most if the time. A little dry in the winter sometimes which is when I used to wear my hair straight but I won't be straightening it anmore.

Thanks I will take any advice anyone can offer.

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