I have been natural for about 8 years now. I have hairtype 4a/b and in the back 3c. My hair has never ever grown past my neck. Never ever. I have tried everything. I have very fine hair strand. I have noticed that my hair doesn't like braids or twists. My natural hair is to fine to braid, it wil get knoted. My hair is alsof to divers to twist. Not al twists looks te same. Some are very thin and some are full and fluffy. Al ik want is healthy long hair. Every day is have te same hairstyle. When i go to party, tot work, dates, it's al te time the same hairstyle. Flat twists at the front and twists in the back and tucked in. A protective style you would think, but even this didn't make my hair grow. I know my hair grows, but it breaks because of the styles. So i decide no to braid or twist my hair. But my hair is so frizzy that i could't wear is out everyday. I would get tangled. And the twist outs would nog look the same in the afternoon as i did it in the morning.

This is why I am thinking about texlaxing. I will do it at a salon. The reasons why i am doubting is: scared of damage and i am scared of the reactions of the natural ladies. In my country i am very active in the natural hair scene. We organize meetings and hairshows etc. I am very scared to be kicked out.

What do you think about my decision? I am hoping that the texlax will give me more of a 3c hairtype, as my hair in the back, so that i can wear i loose. I don't hair to braid of twist it, but i can do other protective style where i do not have to manipulate my fine strands. My hair needs it to be appraoched as total and not in small sections. It wil break.

Don't get condused, because i really love my natural hair, but i really do not like the way styles look on my. So scalpy en stringy

PS excuse my english I am not American