I honestly do not understand dew points like at all. Is it sort of like humidity? I live in nyc so I mean if someone can explain what dew point is and how its like in new york, that would be very appreciated :P
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dew point is the temperature at which water vaporizes. you don't need to understand it, you just need to know how it relates to curly hair. dew point is never higher than the temp.

so, if it's 20 degrees & snowing, then it's 100% humidity, but the dew point is 20 or lower.

mid dew points are 40 - 60 and are ideal for our hair.
above 60 is high and will add moisture to our hair. ie, if we have glycerin high on product list, it can take in too much moisture and make our hair puffy.
low dews can dry out our hair if we don't lock in moisture. glycerin again can be a problem as if the air is dry, it will take moisture from our hair.

if you do a search here on dew points, there is lots of info.
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