Thanks everyone

Iíll try the Smooth Collection when I shampoo again and Iíll scrub harder this time, like they do at the hair salon. Maybe the last time I didnít scrub hard enough and thatís why I didnít get it out. I forgot to mention this and I donít know if this is causing a problem or not but since I do use sulfate shampoos and they are so drying, I only shampoo my scalp and I let it run down my hair. I just started this recently. For clarifying, should I shampoo all my hair? Does clarifying get rid of buildup from polyquats as well as cones? I have hard water but buy salt to soften it. If it is buildup, does it always come out of the hair?

The curling cream is a necessity at the moment because without it, my hair looksÖwell scary. And very dry and frizzy and horrible. You wouldnít want to see a picture of that, trust me.

I have an appointment made for a cut. I plan on asking his opinion on what types of layers would look best on me and work best (since I straighten) but it will probably be long layers and I really want side swept bangs. So after he cuts it, there should be a lot more volume. I honestly donít know if it feels like thereís build up because I donít remember how it felt the last time there was build up. My scalp is just very flat and like thereís not a lot of hair there. And my scalp hasnít had any damage done to it: no color, no heat. I think itís definitely a possibility. All the tangles and the hair coming out in the comb are coming from the bottom of my hair which was bleached 2 years ago and has almost grown out, but none from the scalp.

I donít think going CG is an option for me. I canít cowash since I straighten my hair and have to use products and heat protectant which means build up. I have tried sulfate free shampoos and havenít had any luck. They weigh my hair down, change my hair color, and some even smell really strong. I donít plan on wearing my curls anytime soon so I think it might be best not to try that method. I might be wrong though. I just thought if you go CG you canít use cones cause then you have to clarify with a sulfate shampoo.

Oh and today my hair had more volume and I didnít do anything to it lol my hair is crazy!
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