I looked at the LCLF website, not sure what I'm looking for on that site...I also looked at the frizz forecaster but again I'm not sure what that tells me. Can you be a bit more specific about what I have to do? Thanks!
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You want the Hair Basics section on the LCLF site: Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics. Also read through the types of curls, curl care, and product ingredients pages. The cutting curly hair and home remedies pages are also worth reading, but not specifically pertinent to your question in this thread.

The Frizz Forecaster here on nc.com will give you an indicator on whether or not to use humectants in the products you do not rinse out of your hair on that particular day. They aren't generally a problem in rinse out products like low poos, cowashes, and rinse out conditioners. Humectants are things like glycerin, propylene glycol, agave, honey, sorbitol, and more. You'll see people complain most about glycerin, as it is a potent humectant found in a lot of products, but other humectants function in the same way.

Specifically, humectants pull moisture from whatever is the most "wet" and into whatever is dryer. In dewpoints below 40 (especially below 30), that means that humectants pull moisture from your hair in an attempt to hydrate the dry air. This can cause frizz and dryness. In dewpoints from 40 - 60, humectants help maintain a good balance of moisture, keeping hair nicely hydrated, without creating dried out frizz or overly hydrated poof /frizz. In dewpoints above 60, humectants can pull too much moisture out of the air and into your hair, leaving it poofy and frizzy.

Below the frizz forecast temps /humidity /dewpoints section, there's a text block that will suggest appropriate product ingredient options for the day's dewpoints. This page has more detailed information: Dew Points Pittsburgh Curly
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