Yeah sounds like me. No matter what I am 2a by bedtime. However if I really pump it up in the a.m. And let it BONE DRY after 90% diffusing and DON'T touch after SOTC (must be BONE DRY before SOTC) it'll last pretty well.

Key points:

Then let BONE DRY before SOTC
Do not fuss or play with it after SOTC
Originally Posted by chupie
what is "bone dry" mean?

Also, just to clarify b/c i've recently gone CG again and am having problems. How do you prevent getting crunchy hair? is it the amount of product you use, when you use it, when you scrunch?

Right now, I co-wash or low-poo. Put leave-in in when hair super wet. Scrunch a little, put gel in and scrunch while diffusing. And I ALWAYS have crunchy hair that I can't seem to scrunch out even after it's dry. It drives me nuts b/c then it just looks wiry.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Fine hair, normal porosity, normal elasticity
No Poo: Deva Curl No Poo
Low Poo: Shea Moisture
RI: Tresemme Naturals
DT: Curl Junkie Repair Me
LI: Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion
Gel: Garnier Pure Clean Gel

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