You successfully walked that henna-indigo tightrope LOL

You have very pretty hair and your natural color is wonderful. At the same time, the hendigo color looks terrific on you Not sure if it's just the lighting, but the indoors pic looks two-toned, which is cool! Also, it has a shine to it that's very nice. Not a gray hair in sight. You did an all-around fantastic job
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It is two tone because I really didnt coat all of my hair in indigo. in my gun shyness i got Unintentional greatness. I didnt want to totally get away from my natural color because it took me a long time not to hate it. Apparently all black people are supposed to have black hair. I got tired of people asking me what brand or color dye I use then giving me a skeptical look when I said it is my natural color like Im holding out on them. I have a good friend who is black with slightly blonde brown hair and her dad says strangers would chew him out when she was little for dying her hair and he'd swear he didnt. Lol

I do think darker hair is easier to get shine so Im liking that.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.