Hi, I am new to CG as well and new to this forum. It is so great to talk with people who understand what I'm going through.

So looking at your hair I say mine was pretty much in the same boat as yours and the CG method was helping but it was still a mess so yesterday I did get a big cut even through I want to grow it long I knew I had to get the damage off. And I'm so glad I did!

I'm gonna copy and paste from one of my other posts my current routine if it helps. If its too much info I'm sorry, but my hair feels so nice and healthy I just hAve to share!

"Currently I am using either VO5 or tresseme natural conditioner for my cowash and then the tresseme for the leave in, then I follow with the curl creams (currently shea smoothie or curls creme brule) then a gel.*Tonight I was messing around a little. After my haircut I came home and cowashed with the V05, then a deep treatment with extra virgin olive oil and honey that I left on for an hour. Then I cowashed with the tresseme and rinsed really well with cold water, then some tresseme as a leave in.*Then I put a very tiney amount of the shea curl smoothie and combed it through. Then a moderate amount of the creme brule and combed. Then the curls curl goddess gel. Combed. Then I scrunched some curl smoothie on the ends and then more gel. I scrunched over all this with a tshirt to soak up excess water and product. Then I took a tiney amount of castor oil and scrunched on the ends, Then I did that "plop" thing for an hour. Then I let it air dry and when it was dry I fluffed a little and scrunched a tiney bit of creme brule to finish it. Here is what I wound up with. To give you an idea of how much product my hair can handle... it does feel soft though, not gunky, though I'm about to go to bed so I have no idea how long it would last during the day. Ill see if I can refresh it tomorrow without completely soaking it down again (which is what I usually have to do)"