In 1997 when I was on hospital bed rest for preterm labor my roommates husband brought me in books to read. One book I chose was called House of Thunder by Dean Koontz and it gave me nightmares! The mane character wakes up in a hospital and has little memory of her life she has strange things happaning to her, it was crazy! And heres me being over 100 miles from my husband and 3 other children in a hospital not being allowed out of my bed sure didnt help my imagination to get the best of me! I was to the point I was afraid to sleep. It wasn't till I got almost done with the book and you find out whats really going on that I finally stopped being paranoid and could get decent sleep again.

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CG on 2/16/2010
My curls looks like the 3a pictures
Hair length is to my bra strap, it's fine textured, but the density is thick, not much elasticity, Naturally Blonde but Color treated because of graying going on

My hair loves
coconut oil
Homemade FSG
Hair one for my co wash
Ecostyler olive oil

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