Okay, have you ever gotten nightmares from reading a book? I downloaded a free book on my Kindle called "Due Date". It's all about this college student being a surrogate for this couple. All this weird stuff is going on with the couple...never home, gate is always locked...they just show up weird times... They claim the girl before her kept the baby. Anyway, nothing but suspense through the whole book...but I started having nightmares after starting to read the book...3 days of reading...3 nights of nightmares...one after another. People chasing me, me fighting people, my kids getting hurt... I finally figured out maybe it's the book. Stopped reading and nightmares faded. Strange? Weird? I really don't ever remember having done this before.

Please let me know if I'm normal. LOL! If you have done this...do you remember what book? ...this way I can avoid that book too.
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Nothing gives me wacky dreams like books! It doesn't even have anything to do with the content of the book, either. But reading sparks the imagination like nothing else! It makes sense that your mind processes books differently than it does daily life
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Shower Time!
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