For someone who went to a fairly prestigious journalism school, she sure is a moron.
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IDK if that's a fair statement. She works for an agency...that pretty much dictates the way she does her job. Journalists and other professional communicators are mouthpieces for their agencies.

There is always some degree of bias in any piece of research (and I would imagine moreso in this kind of situation). She was likely told to exploit this bias. And she did.

Not very elegant or probing but this might not have been the right venue for that.
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That is not true. Pundits and PR people are mouthpieces for their agencies. Journalists are ethically bound to be impartial as much as possible. I think you might be giving her a pass because we are used to blogs and web content being confused with actual journalism.

Also, while journalists are given assignments by their assignment editors, real journalists would not allow their editor to tell them what questions to ask or how to spin a story.

Maybe the word moron is inappropriate, but I stand by the sentiment. I have had countless religion classes, having attended Catholic school from first grade through college. Non-Christian religion classes are routinely taught by Christians and non-Christians are routinely hired as professors in Christian colleges. It's ridiculous (and moronic) to assume that only Christians can research and talk about Christianity and Jesus.
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My background is in journalism and I can attest to the fact "impartiality' is a myth. All media vehicles have their own biases and slants (and Fox's is pretty obvious).