I just received a call from a vendor I've worked with at my current job. A position is opening up at his company and he thought I might be a good fit, so he asked for my resume. The position won't be available for a couple of months and I need to find out more about it, but I'm excited so far. Fingers crossed!
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That, my friend, is AWESOME! Be sure to post when you know more, ok?

I just got a call on Friday from Accenture. They have a Senior Instructional Designer position available for either a May or a July start. I told her the July start would be better for me. We tentatively scheduled my interview for Thursday; she'll follow up on Monday with the details.

I nearly accepted a job with them last fall but then there was a huge shakeup at my work, so literally out of the goodness of my heart, I stayed. But now things are calm again and I'm ready to get the hell OUT of academia and back into the corporate world.

Also, the pay is better this time around, by nearly $4000. Go figure.

Alsoalso, there's way more room for advancement there than there is at the U. The rate we're going over here I could grow old and retire without moving up an inch. Or getting a raise (the average staff raise is 1% per year).

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