I think my haor doesnt like protein.. It feels dry and kinda stiff, but i could try it again just to be sure

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Protein can do if overused, not rinsed out properly or allowed to build up, that is why it is important to use it in moderation within a balanced routine, like many ingredients. There are different ways to use protein, which I've mentioned in your thread on the protein craving board. I forgot to say on there my hair does not really like protein with potent humectants like glycerin and propylene glycol, it does like it balanced with a little oil but YMMV,

Should i use gels or creams, or both? And do i include leave in with whatever i choose? Ive been wondering if glcerin was a problem! And u said to avoid humectants, on everything? What should i look for in my products

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Originally Posted by Lovemybaby
I suggested "limit or avoid the more potent humectants - glycerin, honey, propylene glycol, maybe aloe vera" not avoid all humectants. Proteins, cationic surfactants and fatty alcohols all act as weak humectants anyway, so you would still be using some.

Some people end up with a selection of products labelled 'moisturising' that are all heavy on humectants, that is not a balanced routine. Some cannot use any glycerin but are fine with aloe vera which is weaker certainly if it's not too high in the ingredients list. Or they can use a potent humectant in one product but not in more than that.

You have to experiment but try to use logic within your experiments - so have a basic understanding of ingredient families, dew points and your hair properties. You are well on the way to that!
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