I usually get 7-8 during the week and 8-10 on the weekends. I do feel best getting around 8 hours per night. I'm a night owl but I don't have to get up til 8 during the week and can usually sleep as late as I want on the weekends.
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I also don't have to get up until 8. But it's hard for me to get to bed before 1, before midnight is a miracle and requires a lot of planning.

It really, really varies for me - btwn 4 and 9 hrs per night.

There was a time when I was fine w about 6 but that's no longer the case. I think I should probably start to take a mutivitamin ever day and extra B vitamins.

I can't imagine healthy, young adults needing or wanting to take naps on a regular basis! LOL
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No but when I was younger, I couldn't take naps either. I don't consider myself that young now. My bf is able to take naps, even at work (powernaps). I wish I could because it is better to get up earlier to get certain things accomplished and then take naps to go on with the rest of the day. If i don't get a good nights sleep, my whole day is basically ruined and no fun for me. Problem with naps is that I have a hard time falling asleep, especially with daylight out.

My version of a 'nap' is if i'm extremely exhausted from staying up the night before. And then I sleep for a few hours and get up then just sleep through the night.

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