Hello all,

Not new to this forum, but I can never remember old SN's.

I've recently discovered that my hair seems to like protein. It's completely stopped my persistent matting/tangling issues and my curl pattern has improved somewhat (though this is not saying much at all; this is explained below). I avoided it for years because heavy treatments, such as Aphogee, had no effect, while protein stylers left me with dry, crunchy hair. I thought I had a sensitivity to protein.

For a month or so, I've been using protein-rich rinse-out conditioners, leaving them on for, at least, 5 minutes. I've also done three treatments with Komaza's Protein Strengthener.

For all the protein I've been using, and despite some positive effects, overall, there hasn't been any dramatic difference in my hair. It's still dull, still brittle, still unable to clump/curl (just a few sections have seen improvement) and most of all, still breaking. I know it's not too much protein because the minute I use a protein-free product, my hair feels horrible - wiry, rough texture, extreme dullness, gummy/mushy, and ugly, explosive frizz. ETA: And a lot more breakage.

I did a protein treatment today and a strand test afterward. All of the strands stretched, snapped and... completely straightened. Only one strand semi-reverted to its original pattern; the rest either remained straightened out or recoiled intensely into a tight, ribbon-like 4b-ish strand (my hair is type 3!). (My strand test results were the same in the past, too, which is what caused me to rethink the idea that I was protein sensitive.)

My hair currently feels soft with terrible frizz. I didn't follow the treatment with any moisture. The last two times I did, my hair felt like it was going to slide right off my head.

Sorry for how long this is, but my question is - what do I do? Should I use stronger treatments? Or am I using too much protein? I feel like I'm getting nowhere with my hair.

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