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Iíll try the Smooth Collection when I shampoo again and Iíll scrub harder this time, like they do at the hair salon. Maybe the last time I didnít scrub hard enough and thatís why I didnít get it out. I forgot to mention this and I donít know if this is causing a problem or not but since I do use sulfate shampoos and they are so drying, I only shampoo my scalp and I let it run down my hair. I just started this recently. For clarifying, should I shampoo all my hair? Does clarifying get rid of buildup from polyquats as well as cones? I have hard water but buy salt to soften it. If it is buildup, does it always come out of the hair?

The curling cream is a necessity at the moment because without it, my hair looksÖwell scary. And very dry and frizzy and horrible. You wouldnít want to see a picture of that, trust me.

I have an appointment made for a cut. I plan on asking his opinion on what types of layers would look best on me and work best (since I straighten) but it will probably be long layers and I really want side swept bangs. So after he cuts it, there should be a lot more volume. I honestly donít know if it feels like thereís build up because I donít remember how it felt the last time there was build up. My scalp is just very flat and like thereís not a lot of hair there. And my scalp hasnít had any damage done to it: no color, no heat. I think itís definitely a possibility. All the tangles and the hair coming out in the comb are coming from the bottom of my hair which was bleached 2 years ago and has almost grown out, but none from the scalp.

I donít think going CG is an option for me. I canít cowash since I straighten my hair and have to use products and heat protectant which means build up. I have tried sulfate free shampoos and havenít had any luck. They weigh my hair down, change my hair color, and some even smell really strong. I donít plan on wearing my curls anytime soon so I think it might be best not to try that method. I might be wrong though. I just thought if you go CG you canít use cones cause then you have to clarify with a sulfate shampoo.

Oh and today my hair had more volume and I didnít do anything to it lol my hair is crazy!
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You either need to use fewer products/ ingredients that build up or shampoo more effectively, it's your choice which. Yes sulphates are drying but TBH flat ironing is way more damaging. Have you considered wet wrapping for heat free straightening? It's possible your hair is "dry, frizzy, horrible ... tangly" partly because it's damaged from all the flat ironing. Are you at least using a low setting on your iron?

You can still use heat protection without piling silicone on top of silicone, you should only need one product that contains it. Silicones are not the only ingredient that can act as a heat protectant, other ingredients can including hydrolysed protein, propylene glycol, some polyquats and glycerin. There are also other ingredients that can provide 'slip' whilst penetrating and patch repairing damage from either heat or bleach, including hydrolysed protein, ceramides and panthenol. You might try getting a better balance in your routine.

You do not need to conditioner only wash to be Curly Girl, the book permits shampooing with sulphate free shampoos and I *think* the latest edition permits the sort of silicone that does not build up. Cocoamidopropyl betaine can handle silicones providing you use some massage. At least pick up a few more of the techniques like finger detangling in the shower only whilst slathered in conditioner, combing contributes to mid shaft splits.
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