A few weeks ago, I had a lot of buildup in my hair. I used Herbal Essences Smooth Collection Shampoo (silicone free) and the buildup went away. Then I went back to my normal shampoo. Now I'm noticing it again, my scalp is very flat. I used the same shampoo again and my scalp is still flat. It's like it didn't get rid of the buildup this time. What's the problem?
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Maybe you apply to much product to your hair. This happened to me and once I started using less of the product my build up became less. You may want to do a ACV wash so it can loosen any build that's in your hair.

I advise you the smell isn't pleasant, but it gets the job done and if you wash it out with a little bit of shampoo or conditioner than the smell will be gone.