Oh man now I'm learning about this humectant and glycerin thing and now I don't have a CLUE!

Ok so I need just a good basic conditioner that is low in humectant and maybe just gel?

The tesseme "moisture" has aloe and avocado so is that too much? What ingredients should I look for that will moisturize and then not cause the growth and frizz, AND not cause frizz? Aye caramba I am totally confused now.... and on top of that I have to worry about ph as well?

so many ingredients to avoid, sulfate, silicones, protein, and now glycerine and humectant... what's left???
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You don't necessarily need to avoid or limit every ingredient with humectant properties, just the more potent ones like glycerin, propylene glycol, honey. Aloe might be fine in moderation because it is weaker.

Do you need to moisturise (add or increase water)? With highly porous hair you may well need less moisture, but more elasticity and more conditioning. Lots of ingredients help hair hold the right amount of water (act as very weak humectants as well as their other roles) from panthenol to cationic surfactants to fatty alcohols and these are very common in conditioners.

You could just use a leave in conditioner containing a little oil, or add a little oil to your gel (a la DIY Ecostyler custard) rather than try to use a separate sealer. Too much oil left in makes my hair greasy and/ or stringy long before it controls frizz properly, it works a lot better for me as a penetrating treatment or a minor ingredient in a leave in conditioner. It is fatty alcohols and lots of them with enough water that give me clumps but YMMV.

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