Ok. Still may or may not be a product issue if you are not CG. If I use silicone conditioner I am all good but since I cowash often like every 3 or 4 days the second time I use silicones is when I have the buildup problems because Im putting silicones on top of silicones. It could be because you wait later to wash it isnt until then you see buildup. Just a theory. Im glad you found what works. But three months is a really long time not to wash part of your body. My cousin and a few other people I know do that and to be honest their hair has a sour smell. I have never told them though. a month I think can work for some people. If length is your goal You might try Teatree on your scalp because a clean scalp is important for growth.

I do protective styling and used to co-wash my hair every two weeks, but never noticed any growth.

I did this because I would get product build up or my hair wouldn't get moisture. Also I didn't have time to take a day or two off just to do my hair.

It took me a while to finally realize why this kept happening and I decided to go a month without wash my hair and I did notice some improvement. I'm just wondering if its a bad thing and with me not washing my hair for a month I noticed I had product build up and such but it was the amount I get in 2 weeks time.
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Sounds like your issue might be the products you're using in your hair. Some ingredients build up quicker than others and I personally have never had a conditioner that did a good job of removing buildup from my hair. even so called clarifying conditioners. If your hair doesn't seem to be growing it's probably breaking and the culprit could possibly be lack of moisture. buildup will lead to a lack of moisture. when was the last time you clarified your hair?
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No it's not the products because I still use the products and I don't have much build up now. It's just that I didn't moisture my hair properly.

I guess my hair was growing during the times it's just that I didn't notice the growth because when I younger I would see the growth but that's because I didn't wash my hair for a good 3 months due to it being straighten.
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Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.