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I created a potion yesterday in a spray bottle that I purchased from Sally's.

Filled to about 1/2 with water.
10 droplets of Neutral Protein Filler
6 droplets of Coconut Oil
10 Sprays of Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil.

I wasn't sure if this concoction would work or not so it was a test run. Here are my results.

First photo is day 1. The rest of from today.

Today's Routine
-As I Am Co-wash
-GVP Balm let in for about 3-5 min
-KCKT leave-in on soaking wet hair
-Separated my hair into a top and bottom layer and added a few sprays on my potion on each then combed.
-Scrunched soaking wet hair with microfiber towel
-SM Y&B thickening spray - 2 sprays on hands and scrunched.
-Eden Body works coconut shea curl defining creme - covered 2 fingers with half a dime size and scrunched it into hair.
-Then used KCCC - quarter size. Dabbed hair with microfiber cloth one last time.
-Then diffused until 80% dry.
-After my hair is dry, I coat my hair with a small amount of Coconut Oil and scrunch out the crunch.

I'll have to try out this routine again to see if it continues to perform. I have yet to find a good Summer routine(I live in Humid Austin Texas) - Hoping this is the one!
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2C/3A Fine, Normal Elasticity, & Normal Porosity.

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