I was kind of wondering if overconditioning was the culprit... I've noticed that when I tend to use richer conditioners/styling products, my hair and my curl pattern seem to suffer a bit.

I have done the gelatin PT before and I liked the results a lot. My main issue with that was actually just finding a schedule to do PT's; unfortunately I'm not very consistent with them and I can kind of tell. I blame school.

The GVP K-Pac has an identical ingredients list to the Joico as it's a dupe for it. The thing with the Organix shampoo and w/s 'cone buildup is I just used that shampoo for the first time in months the other day, so the w/s 'cones have not been a staple in my hair routine.

So, do you think I should do another sulfate wash before trying to clear out polyquats & mineral oil from my products? I'm loathe to do it because I just did it... last week I think? And also, do you think that strictly cowashing could be causing over-moisturizing issues?

Edit; I'm thinking it definitely is a buildup issue. My previous stylers (KCCC and Garnier Pure Clean Gel) were both polyquat free and I had far less issues with frizz. Any other recs for polyquat-free stylers?
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