Oh man now I'm learning about this humectant and glycerin thing and now I don't have a CLUE!

Ok so I need just a good basic conditioner that is low in humectant and maybe just gel?

The tesseme "moisture" has aloe and avocado so is that too much? What ingredients should I look for that will moisturize and then not cause the growth and frizz, AND not cause frizz? Aye caramba I am totally confused now.... and on top of that I have to worry about ph as well?

so many ingredients to avoid, sulfate, silicones, protein, and now glycerine and humectant... what's left???
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One thing at a time! Relax, we'll get there!

Okay, the Alba B LI I mentioned earlier will work in high dews... I tried it as my only leave-in product in a tropical country with dews in the 80s (like FL in the summer) and no glycerin-induced frizz. My suspicion is that coconut oil (an anti-humectant) is found in greater concentration than the glycerin (a humectant) so it kind of cancels out the humectant-properties of the glycerin.

So that will be "safe" to use Florida-wise.

Okay, as far as gels, so you don't like the hard holds gels at all? I know LA Looks makes a bunch of different ones of differing "strenghts"... I'd still ask Chloe, she might be able to better point you in the right direction.

What about homemade gels then, like FSG or okra? These will have a softer, much less producty feel and they're not humectants. Since your curl pattern is strong, you won't need a hard hold gel to hold your curl pattern in place so you might really benefit from FSG and okra gels.

Don't worry too much about pH as you're just starting... most hair products will be in the "safe" pH zone even if higher than the skin/hair pH 4.5-5.5. I'd recommend against using something truly alkaline on your hair skin like baking soda, otherwise I think you're ok. Some "advanced curlies" actually alter the pH of their products so that they match the skin/hair pH, but I wouldn't worry about that now. If you're making your own FSG for instance, you can add citric acid to bring down the pH (you can test w/ litmus paper)... but it's not necessary. Just make a simple batch and see how your hair reacts and then you can start getting more "advanced" with future batches.
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