Okay, post-shower update. I did a sulfate wash with YTC and followed up with GVPCB. Went back to KCCC topped with the Garnier gel and pixie diffused. Waves seemed happier and the frizz looks a bit more like what I'm used to seeing when I over-condition (more "fluffy" than anything else).
2A, sometimes 2B
Frizz-prone, low porosity, high density, fine/med thickness, high elasticity

Not really CG, but all the new products I buy seem to be CG
Shampoo: TJ TTT, Nature's Gate Color Protect
R/O: Nature's Gate Color Protect, Tresemme Naturals
L/I: Tresemme Naturals, Nature's Gate Color Protect
Current Stylers: MJ PSC, SM C&SM, Joiwhip, Tresemme Curl Spray