I have been trying for the past 6 months or so to follow the Deva Rules for my curls. I recently got a deva cut and was talking with the lady about my routine.
She was not happy to find I was using the shea moisture style milk. Said it was not water soluble and was leaving buildup in my hair. I do like the way it feels in my hair though. Doesn't leave me feeling like I have a head full of hairspray, which is usually what happens with other style gels.
Is what she said true about the milk? Can anyone recommend something that I might like better that is deva approved.
2b or 2c, Fine, Thick, Low Porosity

shoulder length, flat on top, waves to curls through the bottom half with better curls underneath

Currently using- DevaCurl Lo-Poo, One Conditioner, and AnGel