Ok, here we go. For the longest I just kept my hair short (buzz on sides and back, little longer on top), so I never really worried about it. I noticed throughout the years my hair got coarser, wavier, and dryer plus it was already thick. I am caucasian, btw. Anyways, I decided to grow it out and after months and months of using suave professional moisturizing shampoo and the conditioner (both packed with protein, btw), I decided to try something different with my hair to get rid of the dry, brittle, roughness. For the past 3 weeks I have been CO washing every day with Herbal Essences hydra repair, followed by GVP conditioning balm. My hair has improved a bit, but only looks good on say.. the 2nd-3rd day after? I even use a boar bristle brush as well. Not to mention, I use a deep conditioner (GVP and olive oil) each week as well.

What is that makes water make my hair dry? Is it just the fact that it takes away the oils and my hair is too damaged without em? Should I just assume that my hair damaged (I guess from protein overload throughout the years?) and continue my routine until it improves? Thanks.