Success…the buildup is finally gone!! I didn’t think I would ever get rid of it! I used the same shampoo and scrubbed harder and used it all over. It’s more dry now since I did use the shampoo all over my hair and not just my scalp, but at least the buildup is gone. One thing I notice immediately after clarifying is that my hair feels so light and looks so voluminous, I love it! How often should I clarify in the future?

I have never heard of wet wrapping. What is that and how does it work? I know that’s not the problem because I just started flat ironing a couple weeks ago. Prior to that, I hadn’t flat ironed since December and it has been dry prior to flat ironing it again. It’s mainly the bleached part that hasn’t grown all the way out yet. When my hair stylist cuts it at my appointment coming up, that should get rid of a lot of that blonde still left. I can’t adjust the heat setting, my GHD only comes with one heat setting. And I believe it is around 350ish. Anything lower won’t get my hair straight, I’ve tried it with other flat irons in the past. I haven’t had any luck in finding one good heat protectant. All I want is one that works well and protects my hair but is fragrance free or a light smell. All of them seem to smell strong or terrible. I’ve heard about Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray. Do you know how good this one is and how it smells? Or do you know of one you would recommend?

How would you recommend a better balance in my routine? When I look at people’s hair routine at the bottom, they have a lot of things listed. I’ve always thought having naturally curly hair requires a lot of products. All I’m using right now is: shampoo, conditioner, detangler, curl defining cream, heat protectant (trying to find a better one). And I don’t use a whole lot of the curl defining cream. I use enough but I don’t overuse it.

I could try a few CG techniques. I don’t like sulphate free shampoos. Maybe it’s just the ones I have tried but I have had horrible luck with them. One of them lightened my hair (I’m trying to keep it brown) and others smelled really bad. Plus the majority of them aren’t over the counter shampoos (I think tresemme makes some, not positive though) and are highly concentrated, which my hair doesn’t like and doesn’t react well too. That’s why instead, I still use sulphate shampoos but only shampoo the top. But if you have one you would recommend that doesn’t smell bad (preferably an over the counter if possible), I would certainly try it! I could try finger detangling in the shower with conditioner. So should I never comb or brush my hair? When I straighten my hair, I leave it like that for a few days and it gets tangly so I have to brush it a little.

Btw thanks for the help Firefox and Beauty!!