I'm a 3b and I've been transitioning (for a second time) for about 3 months. I've brought most of my curl back from heat straightening through the CG method and haven't done any chemical straightening for 5 years. It took me about two years to grow my hair to bra-strap length curly from my last relaxer, and I did a long term transition (meaning I didn't do a big chop). It really depends on how long you want your hair to grow, and also the rate at which your hair grows. Most curly hair grows about 1/2 an inch to an inch in a month (mine grows an inch a month).

The most important thing is regaining the health of your hair, and you'll find length will come as a result of that You will have to be patient, transitioning is no easy feat. But I think the end result is worth it

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