Oh ok. Just wondering if there was such a thing. But there may not be. My curiosity was killing me.
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Yepp. I do this a lot. I have 3c hair, thick & dense. Curlformer set, as I take out the curs 1 by 1 I twist the curls together on each side. I pretty much preo the hair like this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ikqm...e_gdata_player

But I'm more careful when I twist the curls. I usually do that over night & bun the next day. That night, I unwind a section of curls at a time until they're straight, & wrap them around my head like my hair is straight.You can brush the hair as well with a light oil or serum, it may frizz it out though. Bobby pin around the head, sating scarf tight around it, & go to bed. When you wake up they will be pretty straight, possibly a little wavy. The more nights you wrap like this the better it gets. You can also roller set like this:

But as you can see the roots never get straight. Unless maybe you use small sections & then brush & wrap. These gets my hair faily straight, just not bone straight

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