i read an article once tht said that men will prefer the hair from which they are most familiar with or that can also depend on their background. it was about a curly woman who did a few experiments with a few blind dates. to some, she would straighten the, to others, she would wear her natural curls. When she dated a caucasian guy, she would wear her hair curly, but the guy never complimented hair nor called her back. When she dated some cuban guy, she wore straight hair to the date, but t had been a humid day and her natural curls came out. The cuban guy said how he LOVED her curls more than her straight hair! so she decided to try again. with another caucasian guy, she wore straight hair, and he complimented her, and with the ethnic guys, she wore curly hair. turns out, they complimented her each time. basically, it al depends on the guys background and what the women figures in their life looked like.