There's just something intimidating about going to high school with curly hair.
I've been in a hate relationship with my hair since FOREVER. In elementary school, I was the one with brushed, puffy wavy hair because I didn't know I had curls. My mom would iron my hair on the ironing board because I didn't even know what a straightener was. I didn't know what to do with my hair, so i kept it in the worst looking ponytail until middle school. In middle school, I straightened my bangs and then begged my mom to give me a relaxing treatment. It only worked the first 3 days, and after I washed, I straightened my hair every day to get it as straight as the day in the salon when I first got the treatment. I straightened it for about 5 years, and would be so EMBARRASSED to go out in curly hair; I didn't know how to manage it.
I tried stretching my curls, brushing then making a bun, curl ironing the top part of my head, braiding it, and NOTHING worked. It wasn't until this summer how I searched for my fellow curlies amongst the valleys of YouTube. OMG, it helped SO much! But then I realized that those girls weren't making crazy routines like me. They would wash, scrunch, apply product, dry. Simple.
So I tried it out for myself. I bought myself some shine shampoo and conditioner after my grandma insulted my hair and its lack of shine. Got myself some good mousse, hairspray, shine spray, and a scrunchie. I washed, dried, scrunched, applied products and air dried. And for the first time in 17 years, my hair is born.
I'm not ashamed of it! In fact, I posted a picture of it on Instagram and it's my most liked pictured

Now here's the thing: I finally LOVE my hair. I love that it's wild and exotic, and voluminous and 2c3a spontaneously wavy curly all in one. My boyfriend loves it, he goes CRAZY for it. However, I'm going to my senior year of high school, and i go to the most PRETENTIOUS high school EVER. It's a private school, where everyone has the nicest car, their molecules were formed so perfectly that everyone is beautiful, everyone has the straightest longest hair that they can fit together in a tiny clip, and everyone looks the same; skinny, with expensive shoes, and tiny clothes and UGH. It all just gets to their head.
I joined naturallycurly because it gave me confidence. I didn't feel alone in a sea of stringy hair. I even watched Sex and the City to feel better about my hair by seeing Carrie's. It's just that I have noticed that people treat me different in school depending on my hair. When I straighten it, I feel included and equal. I mean, about 95% of my school is caucasian and rich and spoiled and superficial. But the few days I wore my hair curly, I felt like the black sheep and geeky.

So I'm reaching out to the CurlTalk and to my inner confidence. I'm hoping that on my senior year, I don't give a crap about how people perceive me, or how many weird looks I get. I am myself, I love my hair, and I finally found myself this summer. I wanna be that rebellious girl in my school who looks exotic, and gives confidence to the other curlies who are hiding behind their straightener. I guess I found the answer myself; maybe I need to be the revolutionizer and pump it up.. Literally