However, I'm going to my senior year of high school, and i go to the most PRETENTIOUS high school EVER. It's a private school, where everyone has the nicest car, their molecules were formed so perfectly that everyone is beautiful, everyone has the straightest longest hair that they can fit together in a tiny clip, and everyone looks the same; skinny, with expensive shoes, and tiny clothes and UGH. It all just gets to their head.
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Almost everyone from my high school did fit the description of your high school. Then, years later, I checked out my year book again and noticed that ... NO: actually not everyone was beautiful but a lot of the people were insecure and felt the need to play "follow the leader". As a result many of them looked strangely similar, as if they feared they were worthless without their proper costumes on.

I'm not trying to downplay your high school experience and the tremendous social pressure that goes with it, but high school is one tiny part of life that ends and becomes relatively irrelevant. And after high school ends, you hopefully get to see more of the world and discover the endless forms of physical and spiritual beauty that really exist.

And then hopefully you gain a great appreciation for your own special brand of beauty, inside and out. Bonus points if you develop a sense of discernment which allows you to value inner beauty over outer beauty in yourself and everyone you meet.

Wear your hair as you will. Be you. Do you. The people who really matter will gravitate to you whether or not you wear your hair curly

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