German-speaker here so I can understand most of your Dutch, hope it's ok if I answer in English!

I had a CurlSys haircut here in Berlin last month and did not like it. I think it was partly the stylist and partly the technique.

There are no layers (many people complain about this), she cut it wet & pulled each curl straight to cut it (not sure if this is standard curlsys or her mistake), and her sections were completely uniform, they had no relation to my natural curl clumps (but I do think CurlSys is supposed to follow the natural curls and this was her mistake.)

Then she did a horrible job blow-drying - I have NEVER had a frizz helmet like that in my life. I panicked and begged her to use thinning shears. On my dry hair. Of course I regret it. Plus, all the curls dried at different lengths because she pulled them straight to cut them, so I had to fix that at home afterwards too.

In the end it looks OK, but I did not enjoy the experience. My curls are nice, but it's mostly because I'm finding new products that my hair loves. And worst of all, I will have to wait a long time to have all my volume back.

Some people have a great experience with these cuts, but I didn't. I think I'll wait until I visit the US again to get my next cut.
2c, med-coarse, dense, high-med elasticity and still working out my porosity. Living in hard-water Germany.

Still learning the HGs. Latest faves:
Washing with KC Come Clean or CJ Daily Fix
Conditioner Deva OneC, Darcy's Pumpkin Seed
Goin' Deep: CJ Curl Rehab
Loving a good prepoo with coconut oil
Styling with CJ CCCC Lite, KCCC, BRHG, and a spray gel (Fructis, JC Gelebration)

Second-third-day savers: Curl Fuel overnight and KCSS in the morning!