The one I used was Yes To Carrots. also, I started using my Salon Care as a RO rather than GVPCB; it has protein and is lighter, plus I added a little NPF. I also low-pooed with SM rather than cowashed and my hair looked sooooo much better! Shiny, softer, more defined waves. Thank you ladies for pointing out my build-up & over conditioning issues... hair is much happier now
2A, sometimes 2B
Frizz-prone, low porosity, high density, fine/med thickness, high elasticity

Not really CG, but all the new products I buy seem to be CG
Shampoo: TJ TTT, Nature's Gate Color Protect
R/O: Nature's Gate Color Protect, Tresemme Naturals
L/I: Tresemme Naturals, Nature's Gate Color Protect
Current Stylers: MJ PSC, SM C&SM, Joiwhip, Tresemme Curl Spray