Ahhh high school, it was better than middle school that's the most I can say.

Rock your big curls girl and don't try to fit in with everyone else. People are drawn to confidence. Trust me everyone is obsessing about something and that's life. "My boobs are too small or too big, my butt is not round enough, my chin is too pointy. I'm too short or too tall. Some issues can be remedied with physical fitness, others you could go more extreme and get plastic surgery. I almost got a breast reduction a few years ago, they were always big even when I was younger and skinnier. I always envied girls who could wear a simple bikini when I have to buy my bathing suits from specialty stores. Or just throw on any top and it looks fabulous when it is so hard for me to find clothes that fit right up top and cover enough.

But those girls envy me and some get plastic surgery to be as big as me. Sounds crazy from my perspective.

Same thing for curly hair. Many girls would love to have some wave and body. I understand it now my daughter has fine straight hair. Everything my hair is not. Sometimes I just wish her hair had a little bit of curl to it or a little more bounce. It doesn't stay in a pony tail and it gets stringy if not washed daily. She is beautiful and perfect of course but my point is each type of hair has its pros and cons. She can walk out the door right after washing and combing and her hair air dries straight and shiney and beautiful.

You gotta "work with what your momma gave ya" embrace it and love it.