I would recommend starting simply--I picked up Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut for a Cowash and Tresseme Naturals for a rinse out. Then I used LA Looks Sport gel for my gel--and that was it in the beginning!

Just try it out--give yourself one last sulphate wash and immediately follow that with your 1st Cowash and your rinse out. Detangle and then only rinse about 1/2 of the conditioner out (I stick my head upside down in the shower). While you're still in the shower with your head upside down and dripping wet, scrunch in LOTS of gel. Then use a t shirt to scrunch out extra water or plop (I plop) for 5-10 min. Then let it dry (don't touch!!) and scrunch out the crunch once it's dry.

That should give you a great start and help you see a better curl pattern. Come back and show us an after picture and we could probably help more, too!!

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