Lately my hair has been kind of limp and not curling well, and its just all of the sudden. So I have been getting very frustrated. I tried scrunching, twirling individual chunks of hair, changing products, and it was overconditioned, so I fixed that. But it still wasn't curling well, I read Leilani's post about plopping last night and realized the last time I unsuccessfully tried to plop my hair was much shorter. So I tried again this morning. I applied re:coil to sopping wet hair and then plopped for 30 minutes, then I took it out and had great curled clumps, then I applied joiwhip and it looked great. I think it would have dried great like that, if I had left it alone, but I had to put on my scraf/headband b/c its part of my easter outfit, but it still looks good, just some of the clumps broke up! I am sooo happy I tried plopping again! YAY!
2c or 3a Cut most of my hair off in July '12 and am working on regrowing it.