I agree about working out with a friend. You can motivate each other. You can start with walking or swimming. Both can be enjoyable.

I've been researching the micronutrient diet. Here's the website....
Dr. Joel Fuhrman Improves Health - Lose Weight Naturally | Reverse Diabetes | Prevent Heart Disease and Cancer | Lower Cholesterol My SO and I are going to start it this weekend when he gets back in town. We are very health conscious people.

I also drink 1 to 2 cups of green tea each day. I also drink diluted Welch's grape juice 30 minutes before each meal. It is good for me, plus it reduces my appetite and curbs my craving for sweets.

Hopefully your SO will be willing to help you achieve your goal of losing weight.
From Michael Berg:

Every person has a unique connection to the Creator that can never be extinguished, and every person has a great soul that can manifest important things in our world. To make a person feel less than they are because of something inside themselves, be it faith, race, or sexual orientation, is the greatest sin of all."