I'm not usually in the non-hair side of the boards but I felt I needed to at least give you some motivation. I have been in your situation, I was roughly the same height and weight a few years ago and have dropped about 50lbs. So I feel your pain.

Tip 1: do it for you. You can use your relationship as motivation, but at the end of the day, do it for yourself. That sounds silly, but it was a huge step for me taking care of myself in the long run.

Tip 2: keep some form of journal. I have a little calendar that I keep in my purse for my long term history and a fridge calendar for my "right now" goals. It helps to look at what you have done and how far you have come. Progress is a strong motivator. For example, when I first started working out I could do maybe 15 min on the treadmill at a brisk walk/occasional light jog now my runs are several miles, but it's taken me years. I always strive to do just a little better each time.

Tip 3: set attainable short term goals. Yeah you want to lose 40lbs, that's not going to happen immediately and it's easy to lose focus. And I personally tried to avoid number goals. I can't use number goals effectively. I can easily say I want to run more miles this week than last week and have a plan of action of getting there. If I say I want to lose 5lb in 2 weeks it's a much less direct plan of action for me and I slack. Plus you never know how exactly you will lose weight because that's effected by several factors (period etc)

Tip 4: don't obsess over the number. I weigh myself once a month or so. If I weigh myself daily it puts me on an emotional roller coaster of aw I gained or yay I lost a little. I prefer to judge by how certain clothes fit or how I look in the mirror or how well I can do a particular excerise than the number.

Tip 5: find something you sincerely enjoy or find a motivating challenge. I like running because I have a distinct measure of how far I went and can strive to beat that number. I also like Zumba and tennis just because they for feel like workouts to me it's just having a good time.

Food tips: eat healthy foods you like, keep a food journal if it motivates you, don't "diet" as in eat in a way that you can't maintain the rest of your life.

Best of luck,
~Curly, Runner, Self-confessed Nerd~

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