Honestly some of the most hurtful things to me are what people don't say, namely my family. My family has not said a single nice thing to me since I started CG. In fact, they've said nothing at all. When I bring it up, they change the subject! I've blow dried and straightened my hair since I was in 8th grade (since 2000). My hair was stick straight till I hit puberty and since then I just thought I had really frizzy awful hair. My mom and my sisters all have been straightening for years. Now I'm trying to break out of that unhealthy cycle and it hurts that no one will even pretend to be happy for me. It hurts my morale because my hair has always been something I got complimented on and now it rarely happens. Thank goodness my SO has been really supportive, because this transitioning period has been kind of hard for me, dealing with all the frizz and feeling bad about the way I look. But I can tell it's getting healthier every day and that makes it easier to keep going.

And especially thank goodness for this supportive community of curlies!!