Yes, Im terrified at what the ramifications OC will have on this nation next year.
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Such as 45,000 of our fellow Americans NOT dying because they didn't have health care?

The fearmongering surrounding health care reform is reprehensible, but sadly bnot unprecedented. The right-wing tried the same tactics prior to the passage of Medicare, yet almost 50 years later that government program (along with Veterans Administration health care) outperforms EVERY private insurer.

The US is the only industrialized country without universal health care coverage, yet we spend far more per person, are much sicker and have a shorter life expectancy. The free market has failed in every respect - as Firefox7275 rightly noted, it's time for Americans to learn from our European, Canadian, Japanese and Australian counterparts.

US: $8233 per year per person
Canada $4445
Germany $4338
UK $3433
Japan $3035
France $3974
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