I big chop tomorrow at 10 am and I am so excited, a little nauseous (happens when I get anxious), but excited. My hair has been without a perm for over a year, but only by accident until about the last month when I decided this is what I wanted. Lol. I always knew my hair was naturally curly. I'm half West Indian (Dominica), but my mom had my hair permed when I was five in Germany. She said it was too spongy and every time they would curl it with a curling iron, it would sponge back up. I always thought I wouldn't do this until I was like 50 because then, I wouldn't care about opinions and would be doing it for myself, but I have that attitude right now. Plus, it's kind of coinciding with a fresh start being ripped away from a six-year relationship.

I don't have a pic on here yet because I don't think it makes sense to have a pic with long straight hair. Although It was blow dried (grrr.... ) and cut shorter recently. Now, I want it completely chopped off. Also, it may look like I colored my hair, but it's naturally really light reddish blondish color and I swear it just happened in the past like 3 years. I haven't been colored since I was around 15, so I don't know where it's from and it's not the sun because I stay inside on computers. But, my son's hair is blonde at the roots, soooo... anyway. Lol. Nice meeting you. I'll see what it looks like cut, It's very crinkly and spirally in some areas. Can't wait!

Please comment and cya :P